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Sayuri and Terra's Tux and Rini Bashing Page

Sailor Turtle: Hello. In case you haven't figured out what this page is about already, it's about how much I (and Sayuri) hate Tuxedo Mask and Rini. Why, do you ask? Well, let's start with the obvious reasons. I think I'll bash Tuxedo Scum first, because he's the most fun to make fun of. Please refer to the lovely pictures we have found to prove our point.

Sailor Turtle: Need I say anything? First of all, if you know anything about who Darien is kissing in that picture, it is his DAUGHTER! Plus, isn't he supposed to have something going on with Serena?

Sailor Froggy: Look! They're perfect for eachother! Don't they make such a cute couple? *gag*

Sailor Turtle: Okay, Here Serena is, dying in his arms, and Darien still has the nerve to look down her dress! Can you say pervert???
Sailor Froggy: PERVERT!!!!!
Sailor Turtle: You're a fruitcake, you know? Anyway, back to bashing Tux.

Sailor Froggy: In my humble opinion, Rei is a major bitch. But even SHE doesn't deserve to be stepped on by Tuxedo Craphead! Is it just me, or is Serena's taste in men like, completely moronic? Terra, what would you like to say about this lovely picture?
Sailor Turtle: Very colorful language, sis. I love it! Well, I just want to add that even after he stepped on Rei's head, she still had a crush on him... um, something is seriously wrong with these people! No offence, Rei, but really!

Sailor Turtle: Okay. This guy is a freak. What's with the hat? And puh-leeze! I wouldn't be that scared if some weirdo in a top hat started throwing roses at me. "Ouch, that hurt! The scary thorns poked my eyes out!" Give me a freakin' break, already!

Sailor Froggy: What I'm about to say doesn't exactly pertain to this gorgeous *hehe* picture, but the whole Moonlight Knight 'saga' in general. What creative genious this man has, to go from throwing red roses to white ones? And the whole nonsense where the scouts are actually 'trying to figure out' who MK is. And boy, were they surprised to find out who this 'dreamy hunk' really was. "Oh, my GOD!! IT'S DARIEN?!" Ya THINK?! Terra?
Sailor Turtle: I just want to know who he thinks he is! He floats in, says some stupid thing about how "light is the key" or something else that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, gives Sailor Moon a perverted glance, and leaves as if he made any difference. If anything, he might have made the enemy pass out. Thanks MLK, we all love you.

Sailor Froggy: In this piece of work, everyone's favorite Cape Boy is trying to figure out if his deodorant is working.

Sailor Turtle: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???? I think I am going to blow chunks all over Sayuri's shoes! First of all, what in god's name is Serena doing naked??? And WHY is Darien holding her when she's NAKED???? Enough said. (I hope.)

Sailor Froggy: That has GOT to be the most lude thing I've ever seen.. and I really don't care if they ARE married, who the freak would want to take PICTURES OF THAT?!
Sailor Turtle: Not me!!

Sailor Turtle: Look into the light, you feeble-minded freak. What is he looking at, anyway, that's so interesting. Oh, wait. I know the answer to that. This picture was taken at the precice moment that Darien realized that the cat is naked. (possibly Diana, whom Darien took a BATH with!!! We got that rather vile piece of information courtesy of the best anti-tux page we've seen yet. We have the link... somewhere. Go dig for it, Sayuri.) Sailor Froggy: What do I look like, your slave?
Sailor Turtle: Sure.

Sailor Froggy: Three words: Cruelty to animals! I feel SO bad for that horse. Um, and aren't GIRLS supposed to ride a horse sideways?! Oh yeah, I forgot, he IS a girl, isn't he? No wait a minute, I just insulted the female race.

Sailor Turtle: Now for the pathetically funny part of our Tux-Bashing Page. The following pictures are either of tux dying, dead, or about to die. (If only he actually WOULD die!)
Sailor Froggy: I'm going to get some food... this should take a while.

Keep scrolling...

Almost done...

Sailor Turtle: Well, that was a monumental waste of time!
Sailor Froggy: Kay, I'm back, are you done yet?
Sailor Turtle: Um, yeah. We still have to do the Rini Bashing section and add some links, so come back later people!
Sailor Froggy: See ya!

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